We aim to realize the Customer’s Dream with Comprehensive Solution of Planning & Construction.
We will provide the best Value-Added services, which encompass Planning that originates in market research along with Business Proposals, Design, Construction, Civil Environment Management, Building Management and a support After-Sales follow up, in aiming at complete customer satisfaction.
The Innovation aiming State-of-the-Art Construction
Upon Tokyo awarded the 2020 Olympic, Japan is being in the preparedness to scope appropriate growth from deflationary era that lasted long.
The advent of a new age is signaled, the Construction Industry must innovate itself, either we try to keep Innovation aiming to forecast the State-of-the-Art Construction.
Our original “Factory Planning” involves to comprehensively provide Business Planning, Building Plot plans, Soil Improvement, Environmental Improvement, and Line-Planning, the Introduction of IT into Product Management systems, Communication Management system and Logistics Management throughout long years experience and performances to scope The Manufacturing-Development.
Unparalleled Craftmanship titled “TAKUMI NO WAZA” Inheritance
From traditional shrine temples to pure Japanese-style architecture, we will continue to inherit the Unparalleled Craftmanship titled “TAKUMI NO WAZA” while incorporating the latest technologies with preserving conventional technology in our boasting “DAIKU-Carpentry” project.
Original “Underground Tunneling Technology” with Nationwide Development
Underground Installations – Sewers/Water Channels, Rainwater Channels, and Common Grooves – will be diversified.

We will engage in Underground Projects with Our proud ESS Tunneling as of combining Pipe-Jacking and Shield which minimizes the Tunneling Period, more reduce the cost than ever.
“Comprehensive Artistic Construction” & “Abundance of Futuristic Beautiful Townscape”
We plan and propose “Comprehensive Artistic Construction” and “Abundance of Futuristic Beautiful Townscape” which will color the upcoming new era, and we will contribute to the happiness of people in Japan and the World.

We definitely feel that customers who want the construction-services should try to adopt us.
Hirotsugu Nakagawa