Support for Reconstruction of "difficult-to-return zone" through NAKAGAWA PLANNING & CONSTRUCTION

Corporate Flag raised at Architectural Firm located Yonomori, Tomioka-Cho, Futaba-Gun, Fukushima

9 years since Effects of the Great East Japan Earthquake.
In Fukushima Prefecture, many people are still unable to go home because of the nuclear accident.

- Helping victims restart their lives
- Cooperation with Ministry of the Environment

The Head - Mr. Nishina & Secretary General - Mr. Yamaguchi

● House dismantling work that closely matches the feelings of the victims

– Memorable Property
– Before the dismantling, a detailed meeting with the client, capturing the request

● Worker health management and work without mistakes and accidents

– Careful work on contaminated waste
– Highly Qualified Technology
– Strict worker safety management and radiological dosage management

● Our company exists to realize people’s affluence and wellbeing. - CORPORATE IDENTITY

– Prideful Sense of Mission
– Trusting Relationship with Government, Local Government and Residents

President Mr. Hirotsugu Nakagawa himself visits the site from time to time to encourage the workers.

Our Workers

We would like to thank everyone in the community who was expressing gratitude for our
Reconstruction Support Work that closely matches the feelings of the disaster victims